For more than 40 years we are specialized in breeding dressage horses. We like to fulfill the request of our riders concerning breeding.

Within our breeding of dressage horses we draw special attention to the following traits of inheritance:

  • Characters with honesty and willingness to work
  • Uphill built horses with an active hindleg 
  • A nice overall picture with a well-built forehand
  • Health 
  • Outstanding dressage predispositions (higher level) 

Next to our stallions, we own several breeding mares for breeding purpose. The offspring of our mares are kept in groups. As soon as the horses are three years old, they start getting trained. Of course we cannot keep all the horses for ourselves, regularly we sell talented dressage horses. All over the world, our horses are successful. This homepage gives you an impression of our horses and their success.

Pretendenthoeve dressagehorses:

The Pretendenthoeve has broodmares from various outstanding bloodlines which enables us to produce the absolute top in dressage horses .Frequently we have very talented young stock from our top lines for sale.

Stallion management
Please use the link on the left (stallion) to view the top stallions that are now available.

We have for sale everything from weanling foals to grand-prix dressage horses. Broodmares, fillies, colts and geldings everything from pre-novice to grand prix. Whatever you are searching for if you let us know your requirements, we will find you the perfect match.